Pattan 10 March: In the effort towards developing social capital in villages Marham Foundation and Sub-district hospital (SDH) Pattan organised adolescents’ health awareness camp in Hanjiwera, Pattan.

The health camp was organised at Govt. Boys High School Hajiwera, Pattan in order to spread awareness among adolescent girls and boys. There were psychiatrists, counselors, Asha workers and social activists in the camp who delivered lectures on bringing a productive mindset in the adolescents.

Mohd Shafi, a counselor in his lecture spread awareness on biological challenges that happen in the adolescents in the age group of 10-24. He laid stress on menstrual hygiene and proper counseling so that young women can be successful in their lives.

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Hamid Rather, founder and director of Marham Foundation, a non-profit organisation addressed the gathering on creating social capital and overcoming challenges. The project “Developing Social Capital” is very close to my heart and hence Marham Foundation will reach every village in Jammu and Kashmir for that purpose.

“The school dropout amongst girls is alarming in villages in Pattan. I am flabbergasted to see young girls dropping out of school and to address the problem we will focus on parental counseling in such areas,” said Hamid.

The camp was organised by Marham Foundation in collaboration with SDH Pattan.

Hamid Rather has thanked BMO SDH Pattan, Dr. Mastoora Akhtar, young participants, counselors, ASHA workers, teachers, Sarpanch and other dignitaries of the village for making this event happen. He also said that we will organise such social camps everywhere in Pattan sub-division. “We work on younger people. We have started with social camps. We will learn from our young generation and make efforts to make their lives productive”, said Hamid.



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