Urges people to wear face masks outside the home

Sheikh Mohammad Imran, Former Deputy Mayor, Srinagar

Srinagar, July 03: The former deputy Mayor, Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC), Sheikh Mohammad Imran hails the efforts of the administration in effectively fighting COVID-19 and advised people to follow the instructions of administration religiously to curb the community transmission of the disease by remaining confined to their homes or quarantine centres and move out only when it is unavoidable.

According to the statement issued to the media, the ex-deputy Mayor of SMC has lauded the efforts of the administration in controlling the pandemic in the valley which is bereft of the health facilities as compared to the advanced states like Tamil Nadu or Delhi. He said, “We must appreciate the efforts of deputy commissioner Srinagar, Shahid Choudhary Sahab, SMC, J&K police, doctors, paramedical staff, journalist’s and other frontline warriors in controlling the pandemic timely by taking appropriate measures.

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While speaking to media, Sheikh Mohammad Imran said, “Without the support of ordinary people we can’t win the fight against Covid19. This is the high time to fight COVID-19 as a nation because individual contests stand null and void against a gigantic enemy. He further added that the disease seems to have entered the community transmission mode now we must stay home and come out only when it is unavoidable, and that is the only way to stop further transmission of the pandemic till a vaccine becomes available.

Sheikh Mohammad Imran also hails the efforts made by the administration in providing the facilities to doctors and healthcare timely. He highlighted the vital role played by J&K police and SMC workers in these circumstances. The responsibility on the shoulders of doctors and healthcare workers to fight COVID-19 on the frontline is praiseworthy and deserves appreciation.

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The ex-deputy Mayor, SMC urged people to wear face masks, sanitise hands frequently and maintain social distance as the deadly pandemic has not eliminated yet. It is still looming around us. He laid stress on resuming the business and other economic activities while maintaining mandatory social distance and wearing face masks. He urged ordinary people to go out of the home only when it is unavoidable.



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